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Social Media Marketing

Certificate of Achievement & Associates in Science Degree:

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

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The objectives of this program are as follows: 

  • Explore factors that drive social media.
  • Understand social media networks
  • Utilize effective communication strategies in social media
  • Identify and analyze social media marketing opportunities
  • Learn how to design and implement social media strategies
  • Learn how to integrate social media with conventional media.


Program Purpose: The Ventura College Social Media Marketing Program is designed with the goal of enabling students to develop skills and strategies to integrate social media into the conventional marketing variable mix. Successful completion of the program will enable students to enhance their business skills, increase employability skills, and contribute to increasing success for the businesses for which they will work or for businesses they will create.


Program Description: The Social Media Marketing Program develops skills and strategies required for integrating social media marketing into the integrated marketing plans of businesses


Student Learning Outcomes:







BUS V30 Introduction to Business 3
BUS V45 Business Communication 3
BUS V46 Marketing 3
BUS V49 Social Media Marketing 3
BUS V50 Public Relations 3
BUS V95 Business Internship 2
Select one (1) of the following courses:  
BUS V38  Small Business Management 3
BUS V47 Sales 3
  Total 20

Stackable: Courses taken in other COAs that match these requirements can be used toward this COA.


Advisory Committee Agenda and Minutes:

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