Modern Language Assessment

The Modern Languages Department at Ventura College strongly encourages all students enrolling in SpanishGerman, & French courses to first take the assessment test to determine the appropriate course level (There is NO assessment available for Italian, Japanese, & Sign Language.)

Assessment Instructions: 

  1. Go to the Webcape assessment test online

    • Enter password: pirates1

    • Choose the language and begin test.

    • Note that getting help on the test, either from another person knowledgeable in the language, or from online sources, will not help you to determine the level that is appropriate for you. Please do the test on your own.

  2. When you have completed the test, print out the score report page.

  3. Determine which course you should enroll in based on your exam results. For example, a score of 300 on the Spanish test would mean that you should enroll in Spanish V02.

  4. Complete the Petition for Challenging a Pre-requisite. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

  5. Submit the completed "Petition for Challenging a Pre-requisite" and a copy of your exam results to the Social Sciences Division Office located in LRC 356.

    • The language assessment results only indicate a suggested placement and ultimately you have the right to choose in which course level to enroll. However, be aware that students who enroll in levels below their ability often do not succeed.

Note: French & German only offer two introductory level courses. Enrollment statistics show that students who enroll in a course for which they are over-prepared are more likely to receive a non-passing grade. In other words, taking a lower-level course is not an "easy A."

For Assistance on your placement, please contact the following faculty: 

Tania De Clerck
Professor of Spanish
Phone: 805-289-6205
Office: LRC-318

Ben Somoza
Professor of Spanish
Phone: 805-289-6212
Office: LRC-325

Araceli Trujillo
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Phone: 805-289-6459
Office: LRC-120



Scores Courses
Below 225 points Spanish V01
226 to 325 points Spanish V02
326 to 403 points Spanish V03
404 to 505 points Spanish V04
506 and above Spanish V03S

For more information, visit the Spanish Page.



Scores Courses
Below 200 points French V01
200 to 399 points French V02

For more information, visit the French Page.



Scores Courses
Below 200 points German V01
200 to 399 points German V02

For more information, visit the German Page.