These are the lead instructors for each of the department's courses. 

Lead Instructors (courses listed in numerical order):

Math V01 - Elementary Algebra 

Michelle Beard (ext. 6298)

Math V02 - Geometry 

Dorothy Stowers (ext. 6295)

Math V03 - Intermediate Algebra 

Lisa Whelan Anderson (ext. 6297)

Math V04/V04J - College Algebra 

Janine Bundy (ext. 6509)

Math V05 - Plane Trigonometry 


Math V20 - Precalculus Mathematics 

AJ Naderi (ext. 6569)

Math V21A - Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 

Ryan Petitfils (ext. 6516)

Math V21B - Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 

Peter Yi (ext. 6294)

Math V21C - Multivariable Calculus 

Mike McCain (ext. 6501)

Math V22 - Introduction to Linear Algebra 

Jack Bennett (ext. 6511)

Math V23 - Introduction to Differential Equations 

Jack Bennett (ext. 6511)

Math V35 - Intermediate Algebra and Applications for Health Care

Andrea Adlman (ext. 6085)

Math V38 - Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers 

Carlos Hurtado (ext. 6582)

Math V40/ V40J - Mathematical Topics for College Students 

Ryan Petitfils (ext. 6516)

Math V44/V44J - Elementary Statistics 

Sasha Friedman (ext. 6043)

Math V46 - Applied Calculus 

Chris Frederick (ext. 6514)

Math V52 - Discrete Structures 

(None designated) (ext. (N/A))

Math V90 - Directed Studies in Mathematics 

(None designated) (ext. (N/A))

“Don't tell people how to do things; tell them what to do, and let them surprise you with their results.” —George S. Patton



Full-time mathematics faculty
From left: Mike McCain, Michael Bowen, Lydia Matthews-Morales, Andrea Adlman, Michelle Beard, Alexander Kolesnik, Peter Yi, Dan Kumpf (now Dean of Science)
Not shown: Lisa Anderson, Donna Beatty, Jack Bennett, Janine Bundy, Christopher Frederick, Sasha Friedman, Carlos Hurtado, Michelle Millea, AJ Naderi, Ryan Petitfils, Saliha Sha, Dorothy Stowers