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Apprentice Road Map For Advanced Manufacturing

Program Description: The Advanced Manufacturing program offers the opportunity for students to excel by providing the latest information and technology in both the lecture and laboratory settings. The Advanced Manufacturing program has included the most modern software and hardware to provide a good environment for learning. The inclusion of new computer controlled laser technology and continuing the use of general manufacturing process technology gives the students access to industrial tools and technologies found in industry. A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses are offered for students interested in working toward the completion of a Certificate of Achievement in CNC Machine Operation, and general interest courses for the returning student looking for skill improvement and employment in local industry.

Program Purpose: Students who complete the Advanced Manufacturing Program will be able to demonstrate performance of safe CNC machine operation, print interpretation, and measurement skills.  Students will be versed in machine shop communication and will be ready to start a career in manufacturing. 

Jobs in this area include:

  • Computer Numerical Control Lathe Operator  
  • Computer Numerical Control Machine Operator 
  • Computer Numerical Control Machinist 
  • Computer Numerical Control Mill Operator  
  • Computer Numerical Control Operator  
  • Computer Numerical Control Set-Up and Operator 
  • Machine Operator 
  • Machine Set-Up, Operator  
  • Machinist 
  • CAD CAM Programmer  
  • Computer Numerical Control Machining Center Operator  
  • Computer Numerical Control Programmer  
  • Machine Shop Lead Man 
  • Machining Manager

Type of work locations: Machine Operators and Machinists work in machine shops, tool rooms, and factories. Although many work full time during regular business hours, overtime may be common, as is evening and weekend work.


What does a CNC machinist do? A computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine uses a program to control the operation of the machine. The machine takes raw stock (metal, plastic, etc.) and cuts, grinds, drills, turns, mills, and/or shapes it into parts that meet exact specifications. A machinist is a person that operates, sets-up, and programs CNC machines. The machinist will use a variety of inspection processes to verify part conformity.

The Advanced Manufacturing program teaches Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Operator training and Advanced Manufacturing technology. Courses offered include applied machining, measurements and computations, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, quality control and mechanical inspection, and more.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

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