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Program Purpose: Students who complete Geology courses will be able to apply the principles of Earth system science and plate tectonic theory to describe and explain Earth’s materials, landscapes, natural hazards, and dynamic history.

Program Description: This program presents a study of the Earth and its physical, chemical and biological forces at work as well as its dynamic processes and long history. It is the science and study of the solid matter that constitutes the Earth which encompasses such materials as rocks, soil, and gemstones. Geology studies the composition, structure, physical properties, history, and the processes that shape Earth's components. This practical science is important for resource exploration, assessing natural hazards, remediation of environmental problems, and providing insight into climate change. 

Career Opportunities: A career as a geologist is varied and diverse, using a wide variety of methods to understand the Earth's structure and evolution. Geologists typically earn at minimum a Bachelors’ degree with additional postgraduate education necessary for specific pathways. Employment is common with universities, state, and federal agencies, or in the private sector.

Degrees/Certificates offered:

  • Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) in Geology


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Department Chair: Philip Clinton

Lead Faculty: