Program Purpose: The dance program is designed for students to: Express themselves creatively through dance composition and performance. Analyze and practice the ways the body is organized in relationship to multiple dance genres and somatic practices. Demonstrate knowledge of cultural, historical and theoretical perspectives on dance. Evaluate their own beliefs, biases, and assumptions of dance. Describe, analyze and interpret diverse artistic dance works. In addition to training in dance skills, each class is intended to achieve an in-depth perception and insight for dance through the practice of describing, and evaluating dance. Each student is encouraged to explore as many genres of dance as possible and trained to demonstrate increased coordination, balance and technical proficiency.

Male Dance from Fall 07 Dance Performance

Program Description: Dance program provides students with intellectual and practical experience in multiple genres of dance. We offer courses that both fulfill undergraduate general electives and transferable requirements to obtain a Bachelor Degree in a four-year institution. The Dance program is intended for students who desire a formal course of study in dance and is anchored by a progression of technical, historical and compositional courses in contemporary dance designed to prepare and enhance their abilities in communication, critical thinking and self-expression.

Department Chair: Robert Lawson
Phone: 805-289-6020
Office: PAC-145

Area Dean: Dr. Tim Harrison
Phone: (805) 289-6388
Office: AEC-212

Administrative Assistant: Natawni Pringle
Phone: (805) 289-6020
Office: PAC-143


The Dance program offers dance instruction to all levels of students, from beginning to advanced. Performance classes provide the opportunity for students to showcase their abilities at publicly attended concerts each semester. Many of the program’s students also train and perform at other dance studios throughout southern California and eventually gain dance degrees or certifications, which allows them to perform and/or teach in private studios or in the entertainment industry.


Full-Time Instructors:

Name Phone Number Office
Krenly Guzman Gonzalez  805-289-6040 PAC-146

Part-Time Instructors:

Name Phone Number Office
Shelia Chima  805-289-6040  
Elinor Dikes  805-289-6040  
Becky Marzec-Contreras  805-289-6040  
Tobi Redlich  805-289-6040  
Trevelyn Yahr  805-289-6040  
Katiana Pallais  805-289-6040