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Male Dance from Fall 07 Dance Performance

The Ventura College Dance Department offers a variety of classes designed for both the aspiring professional dancer who wishes to continue studies at the university level and the knowledgeable amateur eager to understand and appreciate the important role dance occupies in society. The Dance Department is committed to successfully prepare students for transfer to a 4-year university dance programs and provide the foundation and skills to enter the dance profession. Our dance program prepares students to improve their level of body technique, performance and expression.


The Dance program offers dance instruction to all levels of students, from beginning to advanced. Performance classes provide the opportunity for students to showcase their abilities at publicly attended concerts each semester. Many of the program’s students also train and perform at other dance studios throughout southern California and eventually gain dance degrees or certifications, which allows them to perform and/or teach in private studios or in the entertainment industry. In addition to offering a variety of technique courses, Ventura College organizes dance performance every semester giving students the opportunity to perform their work.


No matter where you are or where you want to be on your journey, we want you to experience the joy of movement through dance.


Department Chair: Brent Wilson
Email: bwilson1@vcccd.edu

Lead Faculty: Krenly Guzman Gonzalez