Credit Courses




ID Course Name Units
CT V12 Advanced Blueprint Reading: Commercial/Industrial 3
CT V20 Blueprint Reading: Architecture/Construction 3
CT V30 Machine Woodworking 2
CT V37 Landscape Construction 3
CT V40 Building Code Certification Preparation 2
CT V41 Plumbing Code Certification Preparation 2
CT V42 Mechanical Code Certification Preparation 2
CT V43 Electrical Code Certification Preparation 2
CT V45 Plans Examiner Certification 2
CT V46 Building Permit Technician 2
CT V47 Building and Zoning Code Enforcement 3
CT V50 Construction Contractor License Preparation 2
CT V52 Property Inspection 2
CT V58 International Residential Code 3
CT V59 Uniform Building Code 3
CT V60 Simplified Engineering for Building Construction 3
CT V61 Public Works Construction 3
CT V62 Structural Masonry Construction 3
CT V63 Reinforced Concrete Construction 3
CT V64 Building Construction: Materials and Methods 3
CT V65 Structural Steel and Welding Construction 3
CT V66 National Electrical Code 3
CT V67 Building Accessibility Regulations 2
CT V68 DSA Certification 3
CT V69 California Energy Regulations 3
CT V70 California Green Build/Energy Code 3
CT V71 Uniform Plumbing Code 3
CT V72 Uniform Mechanical Code 3
CT V75 Introduction to Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical Systems 3
CT V76 Construction Job Site Management 3
CT V77 Construction Office Management 3
CT V79 Construction Estimating 3
CT V80 Computer Applications for Contractors 2
CT V95 Construction Tech Internship I 3
CT V96 Construction Tech Internship II 3