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Program Purpose: Students participating in the General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry program will use the process of scientific inquiry to qualitatively and quantitatively solve chemistry problems by gathering evidential information, analyzing data, forming appropriate conclusions, and communicating these results through written and oral expressions. The Chemistry Department offers the opportunity for students to excel by providing the latest information and technology in both the lecture and laboratory settings.

Program Description: A comprehensive set of undergraduate courses fulfill the general education and transfer requirements of students through onsite as well as hybrid (online/onsite) offerings.  A background in chemistry is essential for many high-paying, challenging careers. Opportunities await the chemist in such fields as medicine and pharmaceuticals, metals and polymers, petroleum, electrochemistry, nanotechnology, forensics, aerospace, paper, food technology, business, and education.

The Chemistry program offers a comprehensive set of undergraduate courses to serve the general education and transfer requirements of students. The core curriculum of general and organic chemistry (V1A, V1AL, V1B, V1BL, V12A, V12AL, V12B and V12BL) prepares students for transfer in science and engineering majors. Chemistry for Health Sciences courses (V30 and V30L) serve as gateway courses to the Nursing program. The Biochemistry courses (V21 and V21L) prerequisite for a certificate in biotechnology which generally leads to employment in the burgeoning biotechnology industry, and provides incumbent employees with upgraded skills required for this rapidly changing field.


Faculty and Staff

Department Chair: Malia Rose-Seisa

Lab Technicians: Kai Liang, Antonia Flores