Hiring Ventura College Students

We are excited about your interest in hiring Ventura College Pirates! Students enrolled in our Career Education programs are on pathways that allow students to learn by exploring, collaborating, and doing. Career Education courses are taught by instructors and expert professionals that provide hands-on training while building comprehensive skill-sets needed for success in jobs of the future. Our students are looking for full-time, part-time, internship, and volunteer opportunities in a variety of industries.

What’s the best way to recruit VC Pirates?

Post your position on Ventura County Works, your one-stop shop for recruitment through the Ventura County Community College District. Complete the job board registration form by clicking “Sign Up” on the following website:  https://vcccd-csm.symplicity.com/employers

Visit VenturaCollege.edu/career or contact the Career Center at 805-893-6473 or VCCareer@vcccd.edu for more information.

Recruiting Interns

Ventura College students are motivated to become trainees at your organization and collaborate with your professional staff. An internship program can be a cost-effective method to increase your visibility on campus and for identifying potential candidates for future, full-time hires. Interns become goodwill ambassadors for your future intern pipeline and help support your organization’s goals.

Ventura College Support for Internship Providers

We can help you design an effective recruitment plan and offer on-campus and virtual recruitment tools for you to participate with based on your needs. We will:

  • Provide access to online and on-campus recruitment services
  • Support you in creating an internship program from scratch
  • Connect you to Career Education programs that offer academic credit opportunities related to internship experiences with your organization

Contact Dr. Brittany Manzer bmanzer@vcccd.edu or 805-893-6473 to discuss opportunities.