Committee Charge:

The Facilities Oversight Advisory Group (FOG) is an advisory committee that makes recommendations to the BRC and ensures compliance with Accreditation Standard IIIB.   Providing oversight for the periodic revision of the Facilities Master Plan, FOG makes recommendations concerning the total cost of ownership, aesthetics, locations of campus facilities, and functionality.    In addition, FOG provides recommendations for the interior and exterior designs of facilities and site-related projects. 


12/1/22 ONLY- This Zoom Meeting:

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Meetings: January 26, 2023, through April 27, 2023:

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  • Steve Palladino, Geosciences Instructor,
  • Susan Royer, Head of College Services, and
  • Jesse Sluder, Director of Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations.  

Other members are:

  • Tamishiah Allen
  • Veronica Allen
  • Catherine Bojorquez
  • David Casas
  • Kaela Casey 
  • Nelson Emery
  • Dorothy Faris
  • Maria Flores
  • Chris Frederick
  • Sasha Friedman
  • Bernard Gibson
  • Deanna Hall
  • Maureen Jacobs
  • Grant Jones 
  • Sara Martinson
  • Mary McDonough
  • Sandra Melton
  • Debbie Newcomb
  • Natawni Pringle 
  • Carol Smith
  • Lynnette Taylor
  • Jesus Vega
  • Dan Walsh 
  • Cynthia Wetzel
  • Jenchi Wu
  • ASVC-ICC President 
  • ASVC Vice President
  • ASVC Director of External Affairs