International Students

Program Purpose: In order to foster cultural exchange, the college encourages ethnic and national diversity among the International students admitted. The International Students office provides assistance and support to International students to facilitate their successful integration into American college life. Students will demonstrate their knowledge about their International student status and will understand the Federal regulations for maintaining their visa status in good standing.

Program Description:  The International Students Office assists students attending Ventura College under F-1 Visas with college admission, assessment, orientation, immigration matters, employment under OPT, housing, academic advising, and counseling.  Students attending Ventura College come from countries around the world:  Albania, Canada, Brazil, England, France, India, Japan, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland, Serbia, and many more.


1. Information Competency
2. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
3. Social Interaction and Life Skills


1. International students will demonstrate knowledge about their immigration status and understand the requirements for maintaining their visa status in good standing.
2. International students will demonstrate success by maintaining satisfactory academic process.
3. International students will demonstrate an understanding of the United States by their successful integration into the community.