Program Purpose: The Economics program is designed with the purpose of assisting students completing Economics course work in having a thorough understand the roles of different economic sectors. Additionally, students will be able to analyze key economic concepts and ideas and evaluate key economic issues.

Program Description: The courses offered in the Economics discipline at Ventura College provide students with the analytical tools, real world applications and theoretical background to comprehend economic events and understand the role of the various economic institutions within the U.S. economy and the motivations and consequences of the interactions between nations and firms in the global economy.

In their study of economic theories and applications, students become more aware of their role in society as economic actors and as a result, develop their own perspective on the causes and solutions to some of the pressing economic topics of society. Students graduating with a major in economics for their Associate of Arts degree generally transfers to a four-year institution to complete a Bachelor's degree. Economics graduates at the Bachelor's level are qualified for a variety of positions with government, industry, and public interest organizations and they are well prepared to enter a graduate program in economics, business, journalism, law, or public policy. Teaching at the two-year college level is an option if a Master's degree is obtained. An economist can obtain the Ph.D. Degree, which may lead to research and/or teaching at the university level, or basic research in government, industry, or public interest organizations. Nearly every four-year college and university offers an economics major. Economics graduates have been considered one of the highest demand employment fields in America for a number of recent years.

Course Level Student Learning Outcomes: 

1. Civic responsibility
2. Critical thinking and problem solving
3. Social interaction and life skills

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the roles of different economic sectors
2. Analyze key economic concepts and ideas
3. Evaluate key economic issues