Whether this is your first semester or your eighth, these tips will help you succeed during your time at Ventura, Oxnard and Moorpark colleges and Ventura College East Campus.

1.    Get Involved. There are so many clubs and organizations on each campus where you can meet new friends and hang out with old ones. (Practicing safe COVID-19 safety protocols, of course.)  
2.    Get Acquainted. Drop in during your instructors’ office hours so you can get to know them. Instructors want you to succeed and can help you later as a reference for a job or university application. 
3.    Get Organized. Use a planner to track your assignments and make your to-do lists. The semester will go faster than you think.
4.    Get Studying. Cramming for tests is stressful and doesn’t allow you to do your best. 
5.    Get Connected. Use the colleges’ many support services, like counseling, educational planning, career services and more.
6.    Get Nourished. Remember to bring or buy a healthy snack so you’re not famished during class.
7.    Get Help. If you feel lost in a class, talk to the instructor, get a tutor or study buddy. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to catch up.
8.    Get Recharged. Take time to relax with your favorite hobby, so you don’t burn out.
9.    Get Goals. What do you want to accomplish this semester (beyond getting good grades)? Is it getting more comfortable speaking in public? Learning to cook? Or writing better?
10.    Get on the Bus. You can ride the bus for free anywhere in Ventura County, thanks to a partnership with the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC). Just show your current school ID to the driver and hop on. (It can be your digital ID) Learn more: Free Bus Rides for Ventura County College Students.

Bonus Tip: Have fun! College is a special time, so enjoy the experience.


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