Highlighting the amazing Administration, Faculty, Classified Professionals, and Students that make up our pirate family. 

This month's highlights include:

Danae Olivares (Student Assistant in the Marketing Dept),  Noelle Neal-Crane (Administrative Assistant for ATH/HED/KIN/PAC) , Mary Jones (Coordinator of the Student Health Center), and David Casas (Fiscal Services Supervisor)

Danae Olivares, Student

head shot of Danae Oliveras

Name : Danae Olivares

Role at VC: My role at VC is a student worker for Marketing. I love to help with fun and exciting new projects to help VC grow in a positive direction.

Major: Fine Arts

Years at VC: This will be my second year at VC.

Family life: Family life for me is my mother, step dad and step brother. We might not share the same blood but that definitely doesn’t make us any less of a family.

Hobbies: I enjoy doing all of the arts, spending time with family and friends, watching black and white movies, collecting luxury vintage pieces. 

Favorite Food: My favorite food would have to be seafood and out of that range I would pick calamari.

Favorite Movie: My favorite movie is Funny Face directed by Stanley Donen (1957)

Favorite Song: Tous Les Garçons et les filles - Slow by Francoise Hardy

Something Fun, interesting, and/ or unique about you: I have a huge love for Vintage things and Olden day actions. From the music to the architecture to the clothes, all of it is super fascinating to me.

Noelle Neal-Crane, Administrative Assistant for ATH/HED/KIN/PAC
head shot of Noelle Neal-Crane

Name: Noelle Neal-Crane

Primary role at the College: Administrative Assistant for ATH/HED/KIN/PAC

Years of Service: 1.5 years

Family: I have 2 fur-monster children and a husband... and parents?

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, crafting, running that looks a lot like walking.

Favorite Food: Tacos! Also cheese... just lots of cheese.

Favorite Book/ Book series: Series: Harry Potter, Books (recently): Act Your Age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert; Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi and The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Favorite Song: I can't pick just one! I Don't Care by Apocalyptica w/ Adam Gontier; Shatter Me by Lindsey Sterling w/ Lzzy Hale from Halestorm; Shut Up by New Years Day; Lifetime by Three Days Grace; Willow by Taylor Swift

Something fun, interesting, and/or unique about you: I'm a self-published author. I wrote and published the first book in 2020 and now I'm at 9... 10 maybe? I don't know how to do things halfway. I either do all the things with a dedication that borders on manic or I'm completely ambivalent toward it. In a similar thing, I got into sewing because I started running and discovered if you do races you can wear a costume without regard for holidays, seasons or venue and that was just epic... except the part where you have to go 13 miles on your feets and yet I've done over 50 half marathons.

Mary Jones, Coordinator of the Student Health Center
Mary Jones Coordinator of the Student Health Center

Name: Mary Jones

Role: Coordinator of the Student Health Center

Years: 27 years of service- active in Nursing 52 years

Family: Son Joseph and grandson Jacob, partner Dave

Hobbies: Travel, learning French, reading, 

Favorite food: papaya

Favorite Movie: Nights in Rodanthe

Favorite Song: Too many to narrow it down

Something unique: Have flown a small plane, driven a motorcycle, been to all the continents

David J. Casas, Fiscal Services Supervisor
headshot of David Casas

Name: David J. Casass

Primary role at the college: Fiscal Services Supervisor 

Years of Service: 7 years

Family: Have a Chihuahua/Terrier Mix named Herc

Hobbies: Spending time with my dog; collecting and playing board games

Favorite food: Tortas. I will always try a Torta if I see it on a menu.

Favorite movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite song: Styx - The Grand Illusion

Something fun, interesting, and/or unique about you: I have a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I am a big Raider's Football fan.

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