Highlighting the amazing Administration, Faculty, Classified Professionals, and Students that make up our pirate family. 

This month's highlights include:

Devin Varela (Student), Maria G Crisosto Calderon (Classified), Jennifer Kagawa (Faculty), Vanessa Stotler (Admin)

Devin Varela, Student

devin valera and her dog

Name: Devin Varela

Role at VC: Student/Student worker for marketing department

Major: Business

Years at VC: 1st Year     

Family life: I spend a good amount of time with my parents and younger brother. My younger brother and I both enjoy cooking so we make food and our parents love trying our cooking

Hobbies: Water Polo, Cooking, and Reading

Favorite food: Potato leek soup

Favorite movie: Crazy Rich Asians

Favorite Song: God of Death by Susto

Something Unique about you: I have played water polo for about 10 years and I coach at the high school and club level

Maria G Crisosto Calderon, Classified

Maria G Crisosto

Name: Maria G Crisosto Calderon

Role: Basic Needs Specialist

Years at VC: 7 years

Family: Mother of 4 young ladies 

Hobbies: Working on my garden

Favorite food: Green Chilaquiles

Favorite Movie: The color purple (the original version)

Favorite Song: Breakdown by Maria Carey

Something unique or interesting about you: I love to Salsa dance!

Jennifer Kagawa, ESL Instructor
Jennifer Kagawa

Name: Jennifer Kagawa

Role: Assistant Professor, ESL

Years at VC: 1.5 years F/T (since Fall 2022)

Family: partner John as well as brother Brad and niece Lili in New York

Hobbies: anything in nature - including hiking, surfing, and birding

Favorite food: Recently made Korean tacos using impossible meat - the best thing I've had in a long time! 

Favorite Movie: anything funny and observant with heart. I really liked Booksmart 

Favorite Song: It's impossible to choose one song, but some go-to albums are U2's The Joshua Tree and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Something unique or interesting about you: Here are two things: 1. I lived in Vietnam for a few years teaching English to police officers. 2. While living there, I also did improv. It was equally fun and scary and was a great exercise in both trusting people and enjoying the art of play

Vanessa Stotler, Administrator
vanessa stotler and her family

Name: Vanessa Stotler

Role: Director of Outreach and Marketing 

Years at VC: 2 years

Family: 14-month-old daughter and my wonderful husband Jay

Hobbies: I love to cook, I find it so relaxing after a long day. I also love to play piano.

Favorite food: French cooking is my fav but nothing tops Sushi for me.

Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 

Favorite Song: Gravity by Sara Bareilles and No Surprises by Radiohead.

Something unique or interesting about you: I used to do voiceover which I enjoyed so much. I voiced commercials for brands like Huggies and Samsung as well as PSA's for radio.

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