Join us in celebrating and advocating for Latinx Culture by attending our weekly webinars every Wednesday at Noon during Latinx Heritage Month, Sept. 15, 2020 through Oct. 15, 2020.
In partnership with Classified Staff, Faculty, and Administrators, the Associated Students of Ventura College invite you to celebrate and advocate for Latinx Culture, Traditions, Education, History, and Arts.

The first weekly Zoom webinar on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020, at Noon will highlight VC Latinx Leadership. Speakers from VC Leadership will share their personal and professional backgrounds, their challenges, and how they overcame them, their pathway to leadership roles, and their advice for students. Other webinar topics will be based on History of Latinx Culture, Movements in Hispanic and Afro-Latinx Communities, This History of the East Campus and Santa Clara Valley, and Celebration & Art: Poetry, Music, Dance.

Link to Join Latinx Heritage Month Weekly Wednesday Webinars at 12:00 PM Noon: https://zoom.us/j/93788653118?pwd=VU1MM2tXNGNna2NsOHVZeHNDajNNdz09

For more information, please contact Libby Fatta at lfatta@vcccd.edu or Lisa Marie Ruiz at ASVCequity@vcccd.edu.

Week 1 - 9.16.20 - Latinx Leadership at VC

Week 2 - 9.23.20 - History of Latinx Culture

Week 3 - 9.30.20 - Movements in Hispanic and Afro-Latinx Communities

Week 4 - 10.7.20 - The History of the East Campus and Santa Clara Valley 

Week 5 - 10.14.20 - Celebration and Art: Poetry, Music, Dance


What is Latinx Heritage Month?
In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson's Proclamation 3869 launched a week-long celebration of the histories, cultures, and contributions of citizens of Hispanic origin to America's national heritage. Since then, the one-week event has grown into what is known by many as Hispanic Heritage Month. This celebration, which is intrinsically linked to several Latin American nations' independence anniversaries, uplifts the cultural legacy of a group deeply-rooted in rich traditions. This celebration is a vital opportunity to dispel ignorance, prejudice, and fear through education about multiculturalism and the history of Latinx communities' contributions. The Human Rights Campaign has adopted the term "Latinx" rather than Hispanic or Latino to represent non-binary, gender non-conforming, and gender-expansive people. "Latinx" also centers the lives of indigenous, Brazilian, and other non-Spanish speaking people in this celebration.

Latinx Heritage Month September 15th 2020 - October 15 2020. Flyer includes schedule of webinars listed below.
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