Who should be assessed?

All students working toward a degree, certificate, transfer, or are undecided about their educational or career goals to complete orientation, assessment, and counseling/educational planning.

Where do I go to be assessed?

Students may visit the Assessment Office located in the Campus Center Building at Ventura College, 4667 Telegraph Road, Ventura, CA 93003.

What do I need to bring when I visit the Assessment Office?

All students are required to provide:

  • Ventura College ID number (900...); and
  • a government issued photo identification card (e.g., California driver's license, California ID card, passport, or military ID).

Highly Recommended:

  • High school transcripts-official transcripts are preferred
  • Other records of courses taken (community college, assessment scores)

What is AB705? 

With the passing of Assembly Bill 705 (AB 705-Multiple Measures), most students no longer have to take standardized tests to determine placement into English and math courses. This new process allows placement to be based on your high school performance, self-reported information, and other measures. Specifically, AB 705 requires Ventura College to “maximize the probability that students will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and mathematics within a one-year timeframe.”

I am a current Ventura College student, am I eligible to reassess now? 

Yes, if you are currently enrolled, whether you are taking English or math classes or not, contact the Assessment Office to answer some basic questions about your academic history while in high school  

What if I can’t remember or don’t have my high school grades or g.p.a?

Even if you make your best guess on your high school GPA and academic history, Ventura College can still place you in transfer level English and math.

What if I have already completed my transfer level math or English?

Congratulations, there is nothing more you need to do at this time regarding your assessment.

Are there students not able to take advantage of this opportunity and what can they do?

There are special populations of students who might not be able to provide qualifying high school data for assessment and placement. These students include but are not limited to international students, concurrent or dual enrolled high school students, ESL (English as a Second Language) students, students with foreign transcripts, adult learners, non-high-school graduates, students who have passed the GED or the California High School Proficiency Exam, and home-schooled students.

Students in these groups and students with disabilities should visit the Assessment Center.  

Does AB705 apply to students not planning to transfer or to students working on an Associate’s Degree or Certificate?

Yes, students not needing to complete transfer-level in English or math may still benefit. AB 705 still requires Ventura College to maximize the probability that students will enter and complete the required college-level coursework in English and math within a one-year timeframe.

Where can I go at Ventura College for more information?

The Assessment Office can answer basic questions and guide you toward your next steps. The best thing to do is you are unsure about the direction you should take once you have been reassessed is to make a counselor appointment.

For more information, visit the Chancellors' website.