Spring 2018 Classes

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Poster for Creative Writing

​ENGL V10 - Creative Writing

Tuesday/Thursday 1:00 PM-2:15 PM / Instructor: Jaclyn Walker

CRN 30644


Various literary forms (short story, poetry, essay, and drama among others) are examined in the course. Students produce original works and are given assistance in improving their writing.


ENGL V15 - Introduction to Poetry

Monday/Wednesday 11:30 AM-12:45 PM / Instructor: Kelly Peinado

CRN 32236


A study of poetry with emphasis on critical reading, analysis, and interpretation. The student will learn the different forms and elements of poetry. The students will write papers critically analyzing poetry.


Poster for Early Brit Lit​ENGL V21A - British Literature 1800 to Present

Wednesday 7:00 PM-9:50 PM / Instructor: Sharon Beynon

CRN 32093


A survey of British literature in its cultural framework from the Celtic epic tradition to the late 18th century, covering the Heroic Age, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Neoclassicism.


ENGL V22B - American Literature: 1865 to present

Monday/Wednesday 10:00 AM-11:15 AM / Instructor: Asher Sund

CRN 32380


A survey of American literature from 1865 to the present, including poetry, fiction and drama. Emphasis will be on the political, social and cultural influences on writers of the Realistic, Regional, Naturalistic, Modern, and Post-Modern movements with readings from both traditional and multicultural writers represented.

Poster for film class


ENGL V29A - Aesthetics of Film

Thursday 7:00 PM-9:50 PM / Instructor: David Carlander

CRN 30846


Introduction to the study of film, especially feature length commercial films. Emphasis is on creative and critical interpretation and evaluation of film techniques and effects.



​ENGL V35 - Multicultural American Literature 

Online / Instructor: Henny Kim-Ortel

CRN 32328

A survey course on the ethnic American experience in the United States, focusing on several of the following literatures: African American, Asian American, Chicano, Latino, and Native American. Other groups may be included. Literary genres include poetry, drama, short fiction, and the novel. Literary works will be examined within their cultural, historical, and social frameworks. This course emphasizes appreciation of writers in these genres and their contributions.