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For students with a passion for creative writing, Ventura College's English Department offers a growing number of courses in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, playwriting and screenwriting. Students receive instruction from professors who are both published authors and experienced teachers.


Various literary forms (short story, poetry, essay, and drama among others) are examined in the course. The form of the genre is examined from a critical standpoint, and the requirements of each genre are discussed. Students produce original works and are given assistance in improving their writing.

ENGL V11A - Intermediate Creative Writing I - 3 Units

Recommended preparation: ENGL V10

A continuation of the study of the literary forms - short story, poetry, and drama - with practice in writing original works, and with special emphasis on criticism of students' works by instructor and students.

ENGL V11B - Intermediate Creative Writing II - 3 Units

Recommended preparation: ENGL V11A

This is a course for students who wish to improve their skills as poets, authors of fiction and as nonfiction writers.

ENGL V12 - Introduction to Media Writing - 3 Units

Intro to writing for film and electronic media. Emphasis on preparing scripts in proper formats, including fundamental technical, conceptual and stylistic issues related to writing scripts.

ENGL V14 - Introduction to Creative Nonfiction - 3 Units

A study of creative nonfiction with an emphasis on critical reading, analysis, interpretation, and creative writing.

ENGL V15 - Introduction to Poetry - 3 Units

This course is a study of poetry with an emphasis on critical reading, analysis, interpretation, and creative writing. The student will study the different forms and elements of poetry.

ENGL V16 - Introduction to Fiction - 3 Units

Analysis and interpretation of representative short stories and novels. Emphasis on structure, style, character, setting, and tone.

ENGL V23 - Introduction to Dramatic Literature - 3 Units

This course is a beginning study of dramatic theory. Plays from various time periods will be studied and analyzed as literary works in the historical context, traced through their production history, considered for their relevance and importance for today’s artists and audiences, and analyzed for their production possibilities. The course will emphasize critical reading, analysis, and interpretation.