When can I register?

  • Workplace Essentials courses have rotating registration dates, some classes start with the regular schedule others are late start. Please check the online schedule or contact us to find the dates of registration.

Is there a cost?

  • Non-credit courses are free to current VCCCD students.
  • There are no enrollment fees for the class, but new students will be required to pay: 

Are there prerequisites?

  • There are no prerequisites for this class, except an interest and willingness to learn something new.

Do these classes transfer?

  • No, these classes do not transfer.

Can I get Financial Aid?

  • Financial Aid and BOG are not available, nor are they necessary, for non-credit classes.

Are books required?

  • Books are not required for these classes. Class lessons and course materials are provided at no charge.

I don’t have a computer at home; how can I take this class?

  • Non-credit classes can be accessed from any computer or electronic device. The college has computers available in the Library/Learning Resource Center and in the ASC Learning Lab (ASC 120) for your use.

Do I have to come to campus?

  • Many Workplace Essentials courses are Fully Online. For those courses you do not have to be on campus. Some courses are hybrid In-Person/Online courses (e.g. ATET 107 and ATET 109). For these courses some in person work is required.

What if I don’t finish the class?

  • The class does conclude at the end of the semester, but students can enroll in future semesters to continue and complete.

Can I repeat the course?

  • Yes, the course can be repeated as many times as needed.

Are there grades?

  • There are no letter grades for the class, and no grades will appear on your transcript.
  • Certificates of Completion (Digital Badges) are available to demonstrate completion of key competencies.

I have questions, who can I contact?

  • Questions about the course can be emailed to the lead program faculty, John Clark.
  • General questions about Workplace Essentials can directed to Dean Felicia Dueñas 805-289-6064