AC/DC Electricity Digital Badge

Image of AC/DC Electricity Digital Badge Earners of the Ventura College AC/DC Electricity Badge have developed the entry level skills to use electricity for power and control of industrial systems. After successfully completing this badge learners are versed in concepts like ohm's law, Voltage and Current, and series and parallel circuits. Learners can identify and use components such as fuses, resistors, capacitors and relays. When completed learners can operate, install, design and troubleshoot basic ACDC circuits.
Skills Earned in this Badge:

Electrical Circuits, Electrical Measurements, Circuit Analysis, Inductance, Capacitance, Series Circuit, Parallel Circuit, Resistance, Electrical Transformers, Basic Electrical Laws

What it takes to earn this badge:
  • Complete the required modules
  • Participate in discussion requirements
  • Pass required pre and post-course quizzes
  • Successfully pass the hands-on assessment