Are you a middle school student curious about career possibilities? Do you want to work for CSI? Do you dream of becoming a rocket scientist, build a skyscraper, or start your own business? Whether if you no idea what you want to do with your life or know exactly what you want to be but just not sure how to make it happen, Summer Career Institute will give you awesome resources to get you where you want to go and put you on the fast track to charting your plans for the future. 

Ventura College will host a Summer Career Institute at Ventura College and Ventura High School. The camp will focus on a variety of careers and professions. The  camp gives participants a chance to explore various career and educational paths. The camps allow them to experience activities to pique their interest in specific career fields. These types of programs continue with different programs offered but with the main focus to expose students to real world encounters in career and technical education. 

Explore exciting and in-demand careers in the field of criminal justice, robotics, drafting & architecture, and business.  They help students define career aspirations and recognize community colleges as a viable means to achieve their goals. And this is what Career Explorations Camps are all about.



2014 Summer Flyer

 For more information or to request an application, contact Celine Park at 805-289-6058 or 

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Career Explorations Camp is a free after-school program for middle school students to explore CTE programs like Business, Criminal Justice, Computer Game Design, Video Production, Robotics, and Health and CPR. All classes are taught by industry experts and VC faculty.