Student Health Center

silhouette of a person jumping against a mountain background.  the ideas and values of F.I.T. are captured in this photo.Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide the necessary support, education and environment to help Ventura College students LIVE F.I.T.

Fearless in overcoming challenges to reach personal goals

Inspiring a healthy change on and off campus

Thriving by achieving optimal physical and mental wellbeing

GOALS for 2016: 1) Promote sexual health by providing free HIV testing 2) Encourage a healthy and fit lifestyle

Hours, Location, and Contact

Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Location: CRC-108 (ground floor of the CRC bldg)

Call: 805-289-6346 to make a confidential appointment.

If you have mental or physical health concerns call or stop by. Your student health fee covers most consultations but there may be minimal charges for certain services.


Title IX

Keep you and your campus safe from violence and sexual assault. Click on this link to learn how.

ventura college football players in celebrationEmergencies

In case of a campus accident call campus police 805-289-6486

In case of emergency call 911

24 Hour Resources

Log onto your free online health and wellness magazine for this month's issue

Tips For A Healthier 2016

Girl sitting at her desk typing on a laptop

Stay Safe And Active Outdoors This Summer:

  1. Try to exercise before 9am or after 5pm. If the temperature is greater then 80°F try to stay in the shade when possible and take multiple breaks.
  2. WARNING! If the temperature is greater then 91°F exercise indoors until it cools down.
  3. Wear light colored breathable clothes and hats. White reflects heat the best. Cotton or moisture wicking fabrics are good choices for clothing. Hats should have a ventilating mesh.
  4. Wear a water resistant broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF greater then 30. Apply 30 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 2 hours.
  5. STAY HYDRATED! Drink at least 20oz of water two hours before exercise, 8oz 15 minutes before getting out in the heat and big gulps every 20 min while being active outdoors.

A person sitting on ground against a wall holding up a sad face sign

WARNING! It may be time for some professional help if you are experiencing the following behaviors and feelings

  1. Trouble sleeping or concentrating that is interfering with school, work and family life.
  2.  Feeling down, hopeless, helpless or having self destructive thoughts most of the time.
  3. Using nicotine, drugs, alcohol, food, sex or gambling to cope with difficult emotions. 
  4. Having thoughts of suicide or homicide

Boy and girl about to kiss

Own Your Sex Life

  1. GET TESTED!!! Protect you and your partner from disease. We provide FREE rapid HIV testing.
  2. Wear condoms. Condoms are the only way to protect yourself from diseases. Watch this video to learn how to put them on correctly.
  3. Talk about sex. It's important for you and your partner to be open and honest about how to keep yourselves safe physically and emotionally.
  4. Consent + Sex= Pure Bliss!