Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

hands raised with alcoholic beverages in them  Man vaping with maijuana  Lines of cocaine on a surface with a razor blade

Ventura County Community College District-Drug and Alcohol Policy

Take your life back. Set yourself free from drug and alcohol addiction. Here are some resources that can help:

Are You Binge Drinking?

You are binge drinking if you are having four or more drinks in a row one or more times in a two week period. It may seem like you are just having fun but you are seriously harming yourself now and in the future.

Binge drinking increases the risk of:

Six signs you are a binge drinker:

  1. You become riskier in your behavior
  2. You drink to get drunk every time you drink
  3. You can't stick to your own limits
  4. You black out
  5. You become a slacker and stop caring about the things you used to
  6. Your friends and family are worried about you

You are not alone. Reach out and get some help.