Medical Emergencies and Accidents

Campus Emergency Numbers

Description Number
From any pay phone on campus #9
From off-campus phones 654-8486
Campus Police Business Office 654-6486
Student Health Center                          654-6346
Dial 911 from on-campus 911
TTY (Hearing Impaired) 654-6498

Emergency Procedures for Accidents and Acute Illness

In life-threatening situations, dial 911.
Give the nature and exact location of the accident or medical emergency! DO NOT MOVE THE VICTIM, unless to prevent further injury!

For non-life-threatening situations, contact the Student Health Center (x6346).
A Registered Nurse is on duty 9:00-5:30, Monday-Thursday. When the RN is not available or the Student Health Center is closed, call 654-6486. NOTE: First Aid is available from Campus Police when the Student Health Center is closed.

Please report ALL student college-related injuries, as soon as possible to the Student Health Center.
The instructor or person in charge shall make a written report of the injury. Accident report forms are available at the Student Health Center, the Evening Dean's office, or from Campus Police. Accident reports are essential to process Insurance Claims; both are processed through the Student Health Center. Once an accident report is received that requires an Insurance Claim, the student will be given information about the college's insurance coverage and the billing procedures.

An injury resulting from an illness is not covered by the college insurance, but it still needs to be reported to the Student Health Center!

Ventura College Insurance Coverage for college-related injuries is limited, and it does not guarantee payment in full!

Crisis Intervention

For more information on crisis intervention, see the Crisis Intervention Handbook.