SLO Committee

Student Learning Outcomes Committee

Membership: William Hart, Andrea Horigan, Debbie Newcomb, Jack Bennett, Susan Bricker, Philip Clinton, Scott Corbett, Ayanna Gaines, Ty Gardner, Bea Herrera, Maureen Jacobs, Amanda Martin, Ned Mircetic, Paula Munoz, Claudia Peter, Alma Rodriguez, Tanya Shaffer, Jaclyn Walker, Jenchi Wu                

Co-Chairs:  William Hart, Andrea Horigan, Debbie Newcomb

Meetings: Monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m., MCW-312

Charge: The Student Learning Outcomes Committee will be responsible for monitoring the progress and evaluating the quality of Student Learning Outcomes on campus. The committee will create an annual report of SLO progress.

The Function of the Committee is to:

  1. Provide vision and leadership for outcomes-based assessment
  2. Develop a plan and timeline for the development and assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
  3. Evaluate the existing criteria for the Evaluation Rubric of the five-column model established by the SLOOG implementation team.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the process of assessing Student Learning Outcomes for courses, programs, and services, including:
    a. The progress and development of Student Learning Outcomes
    b.  The Means of Assessment
    c.  The Summary of Data collected from assessment efforts
    d.  The Use of Results for improvement
  5. Recommend to the Academic Senate improvements to the SLO process
  6. Publicize improvements made by departments
  7. Document efforts and results for Accreditation



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Student Learning Outcomes Oversight Group (SLOOG) 2010-2011

The Student Learning Outcomes Oversight Group was a task force charged with developing a campus-wide process for the development and assessment of student learning outcomes. The task force created forms, toolkits, committee structures, processes, provided training, and set up the depository for storage of documentation. SLOOG remained in place until the Student Learning Outcomes Committee took charge in August 2011.  Members were appointed by the College President and included three deans, the Academic Senate President, three faculty members, and a supervisor.

Members:  Kathy Scott, Dean; Peter Sezzi, Academic Senate President; Gwendolyn Lewis-Huddleston, Dean; David Oliver, Dean; Scott Corbett, Faculty; Ty Gardner, Faculty; Salomen Pourmoghim, Faculty; Sandy Hajas, Learning Resources Supervisor


Nov. 1, 2010 Nov. 20,2010 Dec. 14,2010 Jan. 18,2010
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