The health fee, which you are required to pay when you register for classes, entitles you to consultations with the Student Health Center staff. Minimal charges are assessed for certain types of medical services. The health fee also provides accident insurance coverage while you are on campus.

Photo of student reading brochures on medical conditions and resources

The Student Health Center offers a variety of health services through the assistance of practicing physicians from  Ventura County. In addition, the health center provides over-the-counter medications.

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Students seeking medical care or information about any health concerns are encouraged to contact the Student Health Center for an appointment. Health services are offered, such as first aid, blood pressure readings, vision screening, blood tests, tuberculin skin tests, pregnancy tests, and immunizations. During medical clinic hours of operation a physician or nurse practitioner provides diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses, general medical problems, musculoskeletal problems, skin disorders, and men's and women's health care. Our scope of practice includes acute, episodic problems. If you have a chronic condition you will be referred to your primary care provider. We can offer you community resources.

   Personal counseling is also available at the health center. An appointment may be arranged with counselor interns for students who have personal concerns which are interfering with their ability to achieve their academic goals. We offer short-term counseling services ( four to six sessions per semester). If you need long-term counseling, you will be given referral options in the community.