Crisis Intervention

About the Handbook

The Behavioral Intervention Caring Team (BICT) developed a distressed student handbook to assist staff in dealing with student behavior which causes you concern for their well-being and interferes with learning.  College campuses have been faced with increased student disruptions and our purpose is to provide resources for you to identify and refer students that need assistance.

There are 5 parts to this packet:

  1. The booklet entitled “Assisting the Distressed Student” identifies specific student problems and a better understanding of student issues.  It is important that you thoroughly read this so that you can intervene appropriately.

  2. The insert “Preventing Acting-Out and Violence…Begins by Noticing Student Behavior”, is a quick and easy guide of student behavior and actions that need attention and  a response.  We suggest that you laminate this insert and keep it at your desk .

  3. “Important Telephone List” is another insert that should be kept within easy access and updated on a routine basis.

  4. “Referral for Student Conduct Code Violation” insert is available for you when a student is being charged with a violation of the Ventura College Standard of Student Conduct.  This form is submitted to the Assistant Dean of Student Services.

  5. “Easy Access Card” is a wallet-size card for students and staff of Ventura College campus and community resources.  The cards will be available to all students in the student services areas on campus.

The  worked hard to develop these resources for the staff through a donation from the Ventura College Foundation.  We sincerely hope that we have achieved our goal in creating this handbook to help you in appropriately referring students to needed services.  Please call Mary Jones at the Student HealthCenter, if you have any questions.

The Handbook

  1. Assisting the Distressed Student (PDF, 160KB)

  2. Preventing Acting-Out and Violence…Begins by Noticing Student Behavior (PDF, 20.3KB)

  3. Important Telephone List (PDF)

  4. Referral for Student Conduct Code Violation 

  5. Easy Access Card (PDF, 36KB)

Traumatic Events