You Are Accepted



Acceptance Letter

You will receive a letter from the School of Nursing advising you of your tentative acceptance and inquiring whether you are ready to enter the nursing program or will defer.

Upon your acceptance in the nursing program you will receive a letter informing you of important mandatory dates when your presence is required.  Please take note of the important dates included in your letter for:

  • Nursing Acceptance Workshop
  • Dosage Calculation Workshop
  • Mandatory Orientation
  • First day of class

Acceptance into the program is contingent on clearance of a physical examination and health history, drug and alcohol screening, current immunizations and/or titer verification and background check that covers the last seven years. You will be required to submit the health appraisal and immunization/titer verification to CERTIFIED BACKGROUND, a tracking company. Please follow the directions from Certified Background at the following link:

Nursing Acceptance Workshop

A Nursing Acceptance Workshop will be held prior to the start of classes. The workshop is mandatory, and you will be notified as to when it will occur. At the workshop you will receive information about:

  • Purchasing uniforms
  • School of Nursing Policies
  • Required health appraisal/ immunizations/titers
  • Background check and drug and alcohol screening
  • CPR and TB screening
  • Dosage calculation workshops
  • Student support services
  • Textbooks

Mandatory Orientation

Mandatory orientation is held in August or January,  the week prior to the beginning of classes. There will also be a welcome luncheon from the Ventura College Student Nurse Association. You will have an opportunity to  meet your fellow students and faculty members and receive valuable information about Nursing Science 10 classroom and clinical. You MUST attend the Mandatory Orientation. The event will familiarize you with the ADN Student Handbook and  the online course management system, and your first semester instructor will discuss your first week class assignments and requirements.


A student who is accepted into the nursing program may defer entry ONCE due to extenuating circumstances. Incomplete required remediation, a positive background or drug screen, an expired CNA certification, or a missing TEAS test score are not considered to be extenuating circumstances, and deferral is not allowed for these reasons. Requests for deferral must be presented to the School of Nursing in writing, to the attention of the Director of the School of Nursing. Each case is decided on an individual basis, and all decisions are final.

If a student applying for entry into NS10 defers for the second time when offered a space, that student is dropped from the wait list. They must reapply to the nursing program through the nursing counselors with a new application. If the application is accepted then the student's name will be included in the next application period.