TEAS Testing Schedule, Fall 2016: Application for the Spring, 2017 Pool.

These test dates are for applicants that are applying for the Spring, 2017 semester during the application period ending 09/15/2016. Please email Karen Kittrell at kkittrell@vcccd.edu to request a reservation date and time. Karen will email a confirmation directly to each student. All contact regarding the TEAS date is to be done by email. No phone calls please.Please read the information below to answer your questions regarding TEAS testing.

Please note: EAC testing will be on Friday, September 16, 2016 and Friday, September 23, 2016. Testing will start at 0800 in the EAC building.  EAC students will be required to provide proof of eligibility for the current semester from EAC  a minimum of TWO weeks prior to scheduling the TEAS test. Late applicants will not be scheduled.

TEAS Testing Dates
Date Day Time Location
September 16, 2016 Friday 9:00 AM HSC-120
September 20, 2016 Tuesday 5:00 PM HSC-120
September 23, 2016 Friday 9:00 AM HSC-120
September 27, 2016 Tuesday 5:00 PM HSC-120

Note: Teas testing is also available directly from ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC).  Go to: http://www.atitesting.com/home.aspx for information and scheduling.  ATI does charge for testing, and you will also have to pay a fee to have your results electronically sent to Ventura College.

When do I have to take the TEAS V and send results to Ventura College?

  • The applicant must turn in Application  and be declared eligible for TEAS testing at Ventura College by the nursing counselors before the applicant can reserve a seat for TEAS testing at Ventura College. Applicants to the Ventura College nursing program are required to take the TEAS V prior to October 30 for the September 15 application deadline and prior to April 30 for the March 15 application deadline.

TEAS V testing is provided ONLY for Ventura College ADN program applicants.

  • If you take the TEAS test at Ventura College, TEAS V results are available to the School of Nursing immediately after the test through the ATI testing site.

TEAS results from other testing sites:

  • Results of testing at other sites are accepted when forwarded directly to Ventura College Nursing by the testing company (ATI).

TEAS test results taken at all other locations must be sent via the ATI website to Ventura College prior to:

  • Fall- October 30
  • Spring- April 30

It is the student's responsibility to request the results be sent through ATI to Ventura College School of Nursing prior to October 30 for the September 15 application deadline and prior to April 30 for the March 15 application deadline. ATI charges a fee for this service. The student is responsible for payment of this fee. TEAS V results sent electronically to Ventura College will be matched to the name under which the student applied to the Nursing Program. Tests completed at other sites are counted as testing attempts. Only two student attempts to reach the success score are permitted.

Read the document titled "TEAS Administration at Ventura College." 

How do I reserve a date to take the TEAS V at Ventura College?

Send Karen Kittrell an e-mail to reserve a seat for TEAS testing. The e-mail address is kkittrell@vcccd.edu Be prepared to include the following information in the e-mail:

  • Preferred test date/time
  • Name
  • e-mail address
  • Address
  • Phone  number
  • student 900 ID number

Karen Kittrell can be reached at 805-289-6342,  extension 6170,  but your reservations MUST be made via e-mail.

You will  receive a confirmation e-mail of your TEAS testing seat. Due to the high volume of  calls, please do not call  the School  of Nursing office for information. If your desired testing date is full, you will be contacted to select a different date.

 If you need to cancel, please contact the School of Nursing at 805 -289 -6342 ext 6170 and speak to Karen Kittrell so another student may take your place. In consideration of other students, please avoid cancelations if at all possible, but please do not come to the test if you are ill.

Go to www.atitesting.com and set up a user account with your ID and password. Bring this information with you on the day of the test.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to reserve a seat for TEAS V testing. Students preparing to take  the TEAS V may purchase the TEAS V Study Manual offered through ATI if desired.
When taking the TEAS V at Ventura college, the student must bring a picture identification (driver's license, passport, or state identification card).

What if I require special testing accommodations for the TEAS V based on a diagnosed disability?

Accommodations for testing may be available to students with disabilities. Students requiring special testing accommodations for diagnosed disabilities must:

  • Notify K. Kittrell FIRST when inquiring about a TEAS reservation kkittrell@vcccd.edu.
  • Obtain EAC (Educational Assistance Center) authorization prior to scheduling a TEAS exam testing date 805-289-6300; and
  • Schedule a testing time with EAC if qualified

If you have prescribed testing accommodations related to diagnosed disabilities you are responsible for arranging your testing with the Educational Assistance Center (EAC) 2 weeks prior to the date of the test. You will not be able to be accommodated on the testing date if you have not notified EAC and the School of Nursing about your accommodation. EAC can be reached at 805-289-6300. EAC students will be required to provide proof of eligibility for the current semester from EAC two weeks prior to scheduling the TEAS test.

Testing for EAC students will be conducted separately. Late applicants will not be scheduled.         

What can I do to prepare for the TEAS V Exam?

Ventura College School of Nursing offers the TEAS V test as a courtesy to applicants to the program. The TEAS V test is produced by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI). Information about the content and format of the test may be found at the company's website: www.atitesting.com. Study manuals are available for purchase on the ATI website as well as online practice exams. Make sure to purchase the TEAS V version.

What do I need to know about the day of TEAS testing?    

On the day of the TEAS test bring:

  • Driver's license, passport or state identification card (picture ID)
  • Pen or pencil (scratch paper will be provided)
  • A working e-mail address that you check regularly
  • Your ATI username and password
  • NO calculator
  • Student 900 IS number

How will I be taking the test?

  1. You will be taking the test on a computer or paper and pencil on the Ventura College campus. The test is  proctored.
    You must be familiar with:

    -Using a mouse to select answers from multiple-choice list.
    -Using a mouse to navigate a webpage (click on links, drop-down menus, etc).
    -Typing information into address bars and text boxes.
  2. Those with a diagnosed disability that have prescribed testing accommodations must:

    -Notify the School of Nursing prior to the test.
    -Contact EAC to verify use of accommodations.
    -Take the TEAS V test in the EAC.
  3. The test is 3.5 hours long with four timed sections. Extra time is added to the total testing period for user account set-up and short breaks in between sections. You must take the entire test during the testing period. If you finish quickly you may leave before the time has ended. Please arrive promptly at your scheduled time. Late arrivals will not be admitted and will have to reschedule.

    -Drivers License
    -State Identification Card
  5. Bring a pen or pencil. No calculators are allowed. Scratch paper will be provided, and will be collected at the end of the test.
  6. If the proctor observes any infraction of test protocol the individual's test will be stopped  and considered invalid. The infraction will be reported to the Dean of Students and a copy of the report will be placed in the student's application file. A letter will be sent to the student stating the test is not being accepted due to test procedures not being followed, as any compromise in testing procedure renders the results invalid.

When do I get my results?

Results  - availability TBA. Printing is not allowed at the testing site, but you may print your results at home directly from the ATI website. The Ventura College School of Nursing has immediate access to your results.


What is the TEAS V?

Ventura College Associate Degree Nursing Program applicants are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills version V (TEAS V) as part of the admission multi - criteria due to new regulations by the California State Chancellor's Office. The Chancellor of the California Community colleges requires an individual composite score of 62% on TEAS V. Scoring 62% or above indicates that you have the academic skills necessary for successful completion of the nursing curriculum. Screening students' academic skills and requiring remediation for a composite score below 62% coupled with low Reading, Math, Science and English sub scores will increase the likelihood of success in a challenging nursing curriculum. The success score for the TEAS exam is subject to change based on the State Chancellor’s requirements.

Applicants to the Ventura College nursing program are required to take the TEAS V prior to October 30 for the September 15 application deadline and prior to April 30 for the March 15 application deadline.


The TEAS test contributes to the multi-criteria points for admission. Total maximum points earned come from the sum of the points awarded for the student's TEAS composite score, English score, Reading score, Math score and Science score.

Starting Spring 2012, all new cohorts will be required to take TEAS V which must be used beginning January 2011.  You MUST take TEAS V. The TEAS V cut composite score is 62%. The Spring 2012 cohort and all subsequent new cohorts will be required to take TEAS V which must be used beginning January 2011. If the TEAS composite score is below 62% the student is not eligible for admission.  Points are awarded as follows:  

Teas Composite Score Points English Score
Adjusted Individual Score)
>95% 6 ≥93%   6
>90%     5 ≥85%    5
≥ 85%  4 ≥80%    4
≥77%   3 ≥75%  3
≥70%  2 ≥70%  2
≥62%      1 ≥65%    1
<62%   Not eligible for admission    

Reading Score
(Adjusted Individual Score)
Points Math Score
(Adjusted Individual Score)
Points Science Score
Adjusted Individual Score)
≥95%  6 ≥95% 6 ≥95% 6
≥90% 5 ≥85% 5 ≥85% 5
≥85%  4 ≥80% 4 ≥80% 4
≥80%    3 ≥75% 3 ≥75% 3
≥75%  2 ≥70% 2 ≥70% 2
≥70% 1 ≥65% 1 ≥62% 1
<70%  0     <62 0

 What do I do if I did not meet the TEAS V success score of 62.0% or above?

If your score on the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam, version V, did not meet the STATE mandated minimum success score of 62.0%, you will need to meet with a nursing counselor to develop and outline your remediation plan to address this specific issue and to give you a date by which the plan must be completed. Please contact the Counseling Office at 805-289-6448 to schedule an appointment with a nursing counselor. Remediation plans may ONLY be developed by a nursing counselor. You will be required to bring a copy of your TEAS test results to the appointment, and failure to do so will result in having to reschedule. Your application is going to be removed from the applicant pool and not be added to the eligibility wait list.


Applicants must meet the success score on the first attempt or must remediate . The nursing program reviews multiple components of the applicant's TEAS V score as part of the application process. Composite scores below 62% require that the student complete specific remediation plans prior to admission to the nursing program. Students who do not meet the mandated success score must schedule an appointment with a nursing counselor to discuss remediation and retesting requirements. Please bring a copy of your TEAS results and the letter from the School of Nursing when meeting with the nursing counselor. Remediation plans must be completed by the date assigned by the School of Nursing.
NoteDeferral of admission is not allowed for incomplete remediation.