Biological Sciences

Program Purpose: Study in the Biological Sciences curriculum promotes mastery of key biological terms, processes, and techniques. Students acquire understanding of the central dogma of molecular biology, as well as the mechanisms of and evidence for evolution. Additionally, they learn to identify key entities at multiple levels of biological organization, they formulate and evaluate hypotheses, learn to contrast scientific and non-scientific ideas, and demonstrate an understanding of the primary ethical issues related to biology.

The Biological Sciences curriculum provides a foundation for further study and careers in multiple fields within the life sciences. Our generalized courses give students majoring in other subjects a broad and comprehensive experience in biology. Our specialized courses serve students transferring to four-year, graduate, or professional schools; upon transfer, these students will be prepared for further study in a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to Botany, Cell/Molecular Biology, Ecology, Health Sciences, Marine Biology, Pharmacology, and Zoology. Many of our courses also provide essential skills to students completing our Biotechnology program. Subsequent careers in biotechnology, dentistry, medicine, nursing, research, teaching, among others, all rely on a strong background in the Biological Sciences.


 Biological Sciences
Anatomy Physiology    Anatomy/Physiology
Non-Majors Biology  Majors Biology    Biotechnology
Microbiology Human Biology Human Heredity 
Field Biology  Marine Biology Plant Biology
Intro to Environmental Issues