Student Testimonials

Ventura Pier 

"Do the quizzes; keep up. I did this for the first part and got a B on the midterm. I didn’t for the second part, and had to skip a lot of questions on the final."


"Keep a good schedule and don’t expect to cram all before the test. Space it out and it won’t be too hard."


"Do the lessons and stay on top of it. Don’t put everything off until the last minute. Keep up with the in-class schedule."


"Use office hours for questions. Stay up to date."


"Stick to the practice exams and use the quizzes to reinforce what you’ve learned."


"You have to pretend the assignments/quizzes are due the day you get them so you can’t procrastinate."


"Spend a lot of time practicing and going to get help if you need it! Don’t procrastinate. Work on it just like you would a regular class."


"Do homework! I regret not doing it."