Instructional Technology and Distance Education Training Schedule

Wow, you have done it!  We are totally in Canvas with over 120 instructors at Ventura College who have completed the Online Teacher Training Course in Canvas (OTTCC).  As we move forward to the Fall 2017 term you have a lot of colleagues in your department who have either been trained to teach online in Canvas or have attended a ninety-minute workshop to better web enhance an on campus course in Canvas.  We are Canvas only now, and you are ready.  If you need additional training and/or are thinking about teaching online for the first time please take a look at the following opportunities for you.


The Online Teacher Training Course in Canvas (OTTCC)

The Online Teacher Training Course in Canvas (OTTCC) prepares instructors to teach online by combining best practices in online education, current trends in educational technologies, and modular design in Canvas. All online and hybrid instructors are required to successfully  pass the OTTCC prior to teaching online.

Competency Based : This is a competency based course that allows expert online instructors to receive credit for imported work from a previous online course  while helping new instructors and instructors new to Ventura College understand the best practices and learning management skills necessary in succeeding in online instruction at Ventura College.The Online Teacher Training Course is required of all online and hybrid course instructors.

What is in the course? This course is comprised of timely and relevant information as well as consistent best practices from Ventura College and the Online Education Initiative.  The course focuses upon the concepts and the goals from the OEI Course Rubric for Online Course Design, the Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning from @One, and the Introduction to Teaching in Canvas Courses from the OEI Project.

Time Commitment: For the instructor who is new to teaching online, this course is a four week course with roughly 8 to 10 hours a week of learning, participation, and course design; however, an experienced instructor in online education at Ventura College or elsewhere will find that after importing from a Desire to Learn course or another course management system that he or she can demonstrate competency in a variety of topics in this course to proceed through the entire course at a faster pace.

Current Distance Education Faculty and/or Faculty Assigned a DE Course for the next semester will receive priority, but all instructors interested in teaching online are welcome.

Fall 2017 OTTCC Sessions

  Session 1
  Sept. 25 – Oct. 22
  Session 2
  Oct. 30 – Dec. 3
  (One extra week for Thanksgiving holiday)

Registration: To register for a Fall OTTCC session, follow this link and select the start date for the session you would like to join. 

Calendar IconInstructional Technology Consultations 

OFFICE HOURS: To better assist faculty with their on-ground (web-enhanced), hybrid, and online courses, the instructional technologist team is offering a drop-in schedule for faculty who need just-in-time one-on-one help with teaching with Canvas. This includes Canvas design, ADA compliance reviews, course reviews, online teaching advice, and other timely instructional technology suggestions.  You are welcome to drop in during these times as well as schedule an appointment with Matt, Sharon, or Ali.

Instructional Technologist Drop-in Schedule (New!)

  9 – 11 AM (Ali’s office: LRC 124)
  1 – 4 PM (Matt: LRC 136 Studio)
  10 AM – 1 PM (Sharon’s office: LRC 147)
  2 – 4 PM (Ali’s office: LRC 124)
  9 – 11 AM (Ali’s office: LRC 124)
  1 – 4 PM (Sharon’s office: LRC 147)
  10 AM – 1 PM (Matt: LRC 136 Studio)
  2 – 4 PM (Ali’s office: LRC 124)
  Open Studio 10 AM – Noon  (LRC 136 Studio)
  *Zoom web-conferencing available 


Open Studio Friday Workshops @ Ventura College 

The LRC Training Studio (Room 136) will be open (10 AM - Noon) to help faculty prepare online, hybrid, and/or web enhanced courses throughout the semester. These sessions will be structured around particular topics, although faculty may feel free to bring any topic or project they would like to work on. Web conferencing will also be available for those who need to participate remotely. 

Upcoming Open Studio Topics

  • Gradebook and Grading (Aug. 18, 25 & Sept. 1)
  • Creating Custom Pages w/ Engaging Media (Sept. 8, 15 & 22)
  • Future Friday topics will be based on the Online Teacher Training Certification Course (OTTCC) including Creating Introductory Modules, Customizing Modules, Designing Discussions, Regular & Effective Contact, and other relevant topics.
  • Got a better idea? Feel free to bring your own topic or project you’d like to work on.