Open Education Resources for Instructors

Open Education Resources are gaining in popularity in online education because they are developed with high quality, are easily distributed, and are priced at a low or no cost for the student and the instructor.  Most of the time the materials are meant to be distributed and used by educators whose students might have difficulties affording high priced academic materials.  The following Open Education Resources are being made available to you based upon the request of the VC Distance Education Advisory Group, the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee, Dean Gwendolyn Lewis-Huddleston of Distance Education @ Ventura College, Chancellor Bernard Luskin, and Vice Chancellor Rick Post of Educational Services and Institutional Effectiveness.

Open Educational Resources to Research

  1. Open Education Consortium
  2. OER Commons
  3. Project Gutenberg
  4. OpenStax
  5. MIT OpenCourseware
  6. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative