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Please contact your instructor(s) for specific information about course structure, content, and textbooks. PLEASE NOTE: Only instructors can provide you with add codes. 

Course START date: Courses are not accessible to students until one week prior to the official start date of the course/semester; instructors may limit access until the first official day of class.

Course END date: Course access ends one week after the official end date of the class unless the instructor has granted extended access.

Summer '14

Fully Online Course Offerings

(Current as of 4/8/2014, for the most recent schedule changes please visit the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES)

CRNCourse IdSection TitleInstructor
52738ANTH V01Biological AnthropologyRenger
50027ANTH V01Biological AnthropologyRenger
50167ART V01Art AppreciationBittl
55751AST V01Elementary AstronomyTerry
55955BUS V27ABeginning Medical TerminologyCox
55956BUS V44Business EnglishBranca
55483CD V02Child Growth & DevelopmentLansing-Eigenhuis
55484CD V61Child, Family & CommunityDouglas
50279ECON V01APrinciples of MacroeconomicsKhanjian
53743ECON V01BPrinciples of MicroeconomicsKhanjian
54821ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionKim
55550ENGL V01BCritical Thinking &CompositionMartinsen
52790HED V93Health and WellnessCairns
55621HED V93Health and WellnessCairns
54629HIST V01AIntro to Western Civilizatn IWard
54265MATH V03Intermediate AlgebraYi
52465MATH V44Elementary StatisticsAdlman
55993MUS V08Music AppreciationWilson
55989PHIL V01Introduction to PhilosophyCrowley
55360POLS V01American GovernmentNasri
55990POLS V01American GovernmentMcKoy
53747POLS V03Intro to Political SciencePorter
55343PSY V01Introduction to PsychologyRivere
55749PSY V05Developmental PsychologyPauley
53829SOC V01Introduction to SociologyJones
54631SOC V02Social ProblemsHorigan
55994SOC V04Sociology of Gender RolesHorigan
55958SUP V81Business EnglishBranca
55995THA V01Theatre Arts AppreciationCole




Partially Online Course Offerings

(Current as of 4/8/2014, for the most recent schedule changes please visit the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES)


Course ID

Section Title

Instructor Name

53681BIOL V01Principles of BiologyAlgiers
55397ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionWalker
55393ENGL V01AEnglish CompositionGarcia
50016SPAN V01Elementary Spanish ISandford
50016SPAN V01Elementary Spanish ISandford
53545SPAN V02Elementary Spanish IISandford
53545SPAN V02Elementary Spanish IISandford


(Current as of 11/1/13, for the most recent schedule changes please visit the SCHEDULE OF CLASSES)


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