• We attend the SHPE (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) National conference, and other conferences related to STEM. 

           This year 2015 the conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland 


  • We offer Academic Excellent Workshops every semester, below are some of the subjects; 

          Tutoring is available to MESA students in SCI-224 for the math and science classes listed below. 

            MATH V04, V05, V20, V21A, V21B, V22, V44

            PHYS V01, V04, V05

            BIOL V01, V03

            CHEM V20, V01A, V01B 

          Please visit our office (SCI-224) for a weekly schedule of tutors.


  • Work Site Visit: MESA students are able to visit labs and work fields such as that of AGQ Labs and NAVAIR located close to Ventura College. 

MESA Banquet 15' : 24 Transfer Students were accepted to UC's all over California including UCSB, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Merced, UC Irvine, UC Davis, Cal Poly SLO, UC Santa Cruz and many CSU like CSUNl.

Please see Banquet video below,