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Director of MESA- MESA has bilingual (Spanish-English) staff

Portrait of Yessica​Yessica Ortiz Noriega, M.S. 
Office Location: SCI - 224
Phone: (805) 289-6283

Biography: I am passionate about working with community college students because I also had my start at a community college. I am the eldgest of five and had to struggle learning the ropes in higher education. I also became the first in my family to gain a bachelors degree and then a Masters degree. I hope to offer assistance to students as they decide on a career path to achieve their dreams.

Part-time STEM Counselor

Portrait of Maibe​Maibe Bañuelos, M.A. Counseling
Office Location: SCI - 224
Phone: (805) 652-7779 x 51577

Tuesdays 8:30 AM -4:30 PM
Thursdays 8:30 AM -4:30 PM

MESA Student Services Assistant

Portrait of CourtneyCourtney Swink, M.S Counseling
Office Location: SCI - 224

Mondays-Thursday 3-7 PM
Workshops: Resume, Personal Statement, Mock Interviewing


MESA Tutors

Photo of KadinKadin Stephens

Major:Electrical Engineering

Office Location: SCI - 224



Photo of SonnySonny Ibarra

Major: Biology - Transferred to CSUCI

Office Location: SCI-224



Nicole, tutor
Nicole Martinez

Major: Biology- Transferred to UCSB

Office Location: SCI - 224


Angel Michel Yam
Angel Michel Lam

Major: Mathematics

Office Location: SCI - 224