Faculty and Staff


Patty Wendt:  Patty has been a counselor in the EAC since 1996.  She now serves as half time counselor and half time EAC Coordinator.  Patty has expertise in rehabilitation counseling as well as academic counseling.  Patty is an advocate for determining appropriate support services and community resources for students with disabilities, while encouraging each student to be an advocate for his/her self. Patty developed and teaches our EAC V01 class, “Strategies for Success in College and Life.”

Nancy Coleman:  Nancy joined the EAC as a part- time counselor, March of 2011. She brings 30 plus years of experience working in various disability related fields. Having worked for the Department of Rehabilitation has given her the additional background and knowledge to assist students to achieve both academically and vocationally. Nancy feels honored to be a part of Ventura College’s counseling team and looks forward to helping students realize and accomplish their academic goals.


Learning Disability Specialists

Thomas Dalton:  Dr. Tom Dalton is a specialist in a wide variety of assessment instruments and is an expert in Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  Dr. Dalton was a consultant to the EAC for 16 years prior to joining our faculty as a full time Learning Disabilities Specialist in 2004.  He views the full time position as an opportunity to focus more comprehensively on not just verifying learning disabilities, but also on developing interventions and plans that would truly help students develop their educational potential and achieve personal goals that have been frustrated by their learning disability.  He teaches several Learning Skills classes.  

Erin Braam:  Erin Braam is a part time Learning Skills instructor and has been a member of the EAC staff in various capacities for over fifteen years.

Assistive Computer Technology Specialist

Steve Turner:  Steve Turner has been on the EAC faculty team working in the Assistive Computer area.  Mr. Turner's background with the Department of Rehabilitation compliments his expertise in assistive technology in his work teaching students with disabilities to use assistive technology to reduce barriers to instructional materials, computers, the internet, and technology mediated instruction.  He has been a leader on the campus of applying principles of universal design to the Ventura College Basic Skills program.  Steve has also pioneered our classes for students with intellectual disabilities.

Adaptive P.E. Instructors

John Bundy:  John was born in Ventura, raised in Camarillo and presently resides in Ventura with his wife Yolanda and 3 dogs.  John graduated from California State University Long Beach with a B.A. in Physical Education, from California State University Northridge with a credential in both Physical Education and Adapted Physical Education and Azusa Pacific University with a Masters in Physical Education.  Prior to teaching at Ventura Jr. College, John has taught Physical Education and Special Education within the public and private schools for most of his professional career.

Warren Glasser:  Warren Glasser teaches the Adaptive Fitness and Weight Training class.  Warren has a heart-felt passion for helping students with disabilities.  He claims that he learns more from them than they do from him.   


Lori Annala:  Lori Annala coordinates support services, including testing accommodations, mobility assistance, adaptive furniture, note takers, and specialized equipment. Her other responsibilities include managing the disability verification process and assisting students in the office.

John Elmer:  John Elmer began work for the EAC in July, 2001 as the Access Media Specialist.  He works to ensure that all technology and instructional media are accessible to students with disabilities at VC.

Cathy Mundy:  Cathy Mundy coordinates all registration and data tracking functions for the Educational Assistance Center.  She provides comprehensive services for students in the office.