Construction Technology

Program Purpose: Students in the Construction Technology (CT) program will develop the knowledge-base necessary to be employable in the construction industry. Subjects will include the critical evaluation of established building standards including codes, architectural design and project management. The educational outcomes will include the ability to identify code-compliant construction, interpret legal requirements, differentiate the use of technical vocabulary, analysis of blueprints and specifications, and examination of project sequence.

Program Description: The CT program has two options; Building Inspection and Construction Management. The Building Inspection option has an emphasis on code interpretation and project design. The Construction Management option has an emphasis on business management and project supervision. Students can enroll into an individual class in order to develop a specific skill set such as a license or industry certification, or complete a one-year vocational Certificate of Achievement degree, or complete a two-year Associate of Science degree, or prepare for transfer to a university-level Bachelor of Science program. Ventura College CT students are prepared for a wide range of construction-related positions such as self-employed contractors, building inspection, project designers, and various levels of supervision. The CT program provides many different courses to serve diverse student needs.

Program student learning outcomes and mapping

What is Construction Technology?


The Construction Technology program is a vocational training program designed to prepare construction workers for mid-management or advanced positions in areas such a licensed contractor, building inspector, project superintendent or office management. The Ventura College CT program is the only one of this type and size between Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.

The Construction Technology Program

The Construction Technology program at Ventura College is over 20 years old. The program was founded by the local International Code Council (ICC) chapter (formerly known as the International Conference of Building Officials - ICBO), as a means to help educate builders along the central California coast. The courses are designed for inspectors, contractors, architects and other construction supervisors. Our emphasis is on helping and developing managers as well as training craftsmen. There are two programs: Building Inspection and Construction Management. Job opportunities in both fields are excellent. Students can enroll into an individual class in order to develop specialized skills, complete a one-year Certificate of Achievement program, or complete a two-year Associate of Science degree.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • Associate in Science Degree
  • Certificate of Achievement



Construction Technology Advisory Committee - Meeting Minutes

Construction Technology Committee Notes, 11-8-2013