CNA Program

CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS (CNA’S) are men and women prepared to
 provide basic nursing care in a skilled nursing facility under the direction of a
 licensed nurse.  The program offered at Ventura College meets the California
 State requirements and prepares the student to take the State certification
 examination. Nurse Aide certification is a prerequisite for entering the Ventura
 College Nursing program.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS must be provided to Health Sciences Department to receive an
 “add slip”:

1.  Proof of freedom from & immunity to communicable diseases, and a current physical
     examination demonstrating general good health. TB tests may not expire during class. 
     2-step testing is required.

2. CPR certification:  American Red Cross for Professional Rescuer, or American Heart Association
    for Health Care Provider.  May not expire during the semester.No on-line classes are accepted.

     Two year cards are honored for one year only.


1.  Complete Ventura College Registration Process at

2. Complete the application for the CNA Program and submit it to the School of
    Nursing & Allied Health during the application period.  Your application will be date stamped and,
    if complete, your name will be included in the random draw for a position on the wait list for
    the next class.

NO ON-LINE REGISTRATION.  Complete immunization tracking and CPR Certification process. Make copies of all documents before submitting.

3. Livescan fingerprinting is completed on Campus each semester prior to the start of the course.
    No fee is required.  You will be notified of the livescan date when you are scheduled for entry
    into the program.

4. Purchase CNA Handbook and CNA Theory packet before the start of class.


1.   Students must “pass” the livescan background check to be assigned to a clinical lab.
      The California Department of Public health determines who passes the background check.

2.  Attendance at the first 2 weeks of class  is mandatory.

3.  Must have an original social security card.

4.  Please be aware that you must have a current, valid, government issued picture ID to be
     fingerprinted and to take the certification exam at the end of the semester.


The CNA program is one semester in length. 

Punctuality and attendance are carefully monitored to ensure that all students complete the state mandated hourly requirements in theory and clinical.  Transportation is the responsibility of the student.


3.5 hours of theory and 7.5 hours of clinical per week.


College tuition:                                 

CNA 6 units x $46.00/unit                 $ 276.00*

Student Health fee                             $  17.00

Immunization Tracker                         $  28.00

Textbook                                            $  90.00                

Uniform & Shoes                                 $  50.00

Gait Belt                                              $ 15.00

State Certification Exam                     $  90.00

Parking Permit (optional)                    $  40.00

Drug & Alcohol Screening                   $  50.00

Approximate Total                      $656.00                      


*Tuition costs are subject to change.

+Physical examination, lab tests, CPR certification,  immunizations, and immunization tracking are additional costs that must be borne  by the student. The Student Health & Psychological Services Center may be able to offer services at a reduced cost.