American Ethnic Studies

Department Chair: Mayo de la Rocha
Phone Number: 805-289-6000 ext. 6222
Office: LRC-341

Area Dean: Dr. Gwendolyn Lewis-Huddleston
Phone Number: 805-289-6388
Office: LRC-353


 The American Ethnic Studies program focuses on the history, art, music, and culture of African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Chicanos and others.

 Full-Time Instructors

Name Phone Number Office
Ann Bittl 805-289-6000 x 6264 MCW-302
Albert Chen 805-289-6000 x 6220 LRC-339
Mayo de La Rocha 805-289-6000 x 6222 LRC-341

Part-Time Instructors

Name Phone Number Office
Nicholas Corrette 805-289-6000 x 51274  
Jesus Rocha 805-289-6000 x 50504  
Benjamin Saiz 805-289-6000 x 50630  
Tomas Sanchez 805-289-6000 x 50468  
Ola Washington 805-289-6000 x 50446 LRC-120