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Summer 2015 Ventura College is a premier sponsor and participant in The Ventura Art Walk


Downtown Ventura, on July 18th and 19th, 2015

Ventura College will be hosting a free short two to five minute mobile video contest, performance classes in Guitar and Street Dance, ceramic making demonstrations, costume displays, an opportunity to have a professional photographer shoot your picture with your camera or cell phone. In addition two arts pods showing a variety of student and faculty works will be on display throughout the event. For a complete list of all the events,  please click on the link below "Schedule of Events". Ventura College's pods and performance will take place in Mission Park, across from the San Buenaventura Mission in downtown Ventura.

The film festival contest is now open and will close at midnight July 13, 2015.  Winners will be announce at the Art Walk.  The winners in each category will receive a $150 scholarship toward tuition or supplies for an art class of their choice at Ventura College. Details about how to enter the festival can be found at the web site or click on the link below.

Beginning guitar enthusiasts can join a free guitar class by Master of the Classical Guitar and Ventura College Instructor, Carlos Gonzales. The class will be held on the stage at Mission Park July 18, 2015 at 12:00 Noon.  This is also open to anyone interested in learning the difference between the types of guitar's and styles of music that can be performed on the guitar. Students will learn the difference between pick style and finger style approach. Mr. Gonzales will personally demonstrate both techniques. He will teach students a basic finger exercise for both right and left hands. Participants should bring their own guitar for the hour and half lesson. Stay after the lesson for a performance from Ventura College Student Guitar Quartet, and the Maestro performing several solo works beginning at 1:30 PM.

Learn the basics of one of the coolest dance phenomenon of our times, Street Dance.  Ventura College Instructor Katiana Pallais will present a Class on Street Dancing on the stage in Mission Park on July 18, 2015 at 2:30 P.M.  All ages and all levels of experience are invited to join this free dance class. Participates are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and foot ware. Professor Pallais will guide students in the basic understanding of movement in street dance. Focusing on the muscle groups in the body, the proper way to warm the body up to dance movement, and relate the styles and historical approach to the nature of street dancing. Everyone participating will need to sign a waiver.  Those individuals under the age of 18 will need a parent/guardian to sign the waiver.  Please see the links below for all the specific information.


As a part of the Art Walk Ventura College will exhibit a survey of the Ventura College Collection



Francisco Goya

Salvador Dali

Marc Chagall

Please click on the link below Art of the Masters for more information

Mobile Film Fest

Free Guitar Lessons

Free Dance Lessons

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