Federal Work-Study Returning Students

New Process for Federal Work-Study Students

Orientation is now mandatory for new and returning Federal Work-Study students

1. Attend the Federal Work-Study orientation. If you missed the orientation in June, view it here, then return back to this page to take the Federal Work-Study Student Orientation quiz.

2. Bring Quiz results page (90% or over) to the Financial Aid Office with your original social security card and picture ID such as driver’s license or passport.

3. Review Federal Work-Study job openings and apply for a job. Forms will be provided.


What is Federal Work-Study?

  • The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally-funded work program that allows Ventura College students who have received a Federal Work-Study award from the Financial Aid Office to earn money through a part-time job during the academic year.
  • The Federal Work-Study (FWS) pays 100% of the students' earned income.


  • Students must apply and complete Financial Aid file by Priority Deadline (May 12,2017)
  • Maintain half time enrollment (6 units or more)
  • Find a Job by established deadline
  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress:
    • a. Qualitative standard - 2.00 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) in all coursework attempted
    • b. Quantitative standard - 70% minimum course completion of all coursework attempted

Satisfactory Academic Progress

WARNING: If the student is placed on Warning at the end of the Fall semester, he/she cannot resume working until their Satisfactory Academic (SAP) has been cleared and they receive notice that they may continue to work in the Spring

PROBATION: If the student is placed on Probation at the end Fall, he/she cannot resume working until their academic progress has been reviewed and their Appeal Verification Coursework Form has been approved.

UNSAT: If the student is placed on Unsatisfactory progress at the end of the Fall semester, or are in the progress of a financial aid appeal, they cannot resume working until their appeal has been reviewed and approved by the financial aid appeal committee.

Maintaining Federal Work-Study (FWS) Award

If student does not work on a continuing basis. If a student does not submit a time sheet for a pay period. their award will be canceled. If students is ill, he/she must contact both the supervisor and the financial aid office.

Funding allocation changes. Due to funding limitations, it is possible that FWS allocations may be reduced for all students if there are not sufficient funds to cover projected earnings.

If after being awarded, student receives additional aid (scholarships, EOPS, CARE, or other resources related to their  education), their financial aid award will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.  This may result in a reduction of their  work study award. Both, student and supervisor will be notified of this change.

Federal work study award may be increased – IF there are FWS funds available and your financial aid eligibility has not been met.  This action is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.