Senate Awards

The Ventura College Academic Senate bestows four awards in the spring of each academic year. These are awards given by faculty and to faculty in the following four areas: Service to Students, Service to Faculty, Service to College and Service to Community. Unfortuantely, the Senate records are incomplete. Here is the most up-to-date list of past awardees:

                Service to                      Service to                 Service to                      Service to

                 Students                         Faculty                      College                       Community 

2013:       Joy Kobayashi              Debbie Newcomb        Sharon Beynon                Judy Garey &

                                                                                                                      Sandy Melton (Tie)

2012:        Ted Prell                        Cari Lange             Casey Mansfield &                     ---

                                                                                  Mark Pauley (Tie)

2011:         Bob Arce                   P. Scott Corbett &        Michael Callahan               Simon Waltzer

                                                    Ty Gardner (Tie)    

2010:        Steve Turner                Ollie D. Powers            Jeff Ferguson                  E. Burns Taft

2009:       Robert Chaparro            Gigi Fiumerodo              Bill Budke                     Ned Mircetic

2008:     Lucy Capuano-Brewer       Raeann Koerner            Becky Hull                     Bob Lawson 

2007:        Farzeen Nasri                   Bob Porter              Steve Palladino                   Luke Hall       

2006:        Peter H. Sezzi              Mayo de la Rocha          Michael Hale                   Terry Morris


In the years listed below, the faculty whose names appear were given awards but it is unknown in which categories the awards were bestowed. The names are therefore presented in alphabetical order:

2005:         David Breslin, Harry Korn, Lauri Moore, Carol Weinstock                   

2004:         E. Burns Taft, Bill Thieman, Hiroko Yoshimoto


                               Ventura College Academic Senate President Award for Merit

The awarding of the Ventura College Academic Senate President Award for Merit is determined solely by the Academic Senate President and may be awarded to any individual regardless of position/classification/site location within the District. With the approval of the VC Academic Senate Standard Operating Procedures in 2013, this award was established.

2013:    Paula Munoz