Academic Senate Goals

Academic Senate Goals for Academic Year 2012-2013

Relations and Communications

  • Generally, continue the great strides taken that have improved communication: within the college; college-to-college; college-to-district
  • Specifically, improve communications with Human Resources, especially in regards to the hiring and class assignment process
  • Support the faculty
  • Continue to invite Trustees attend Senate meetings

Succession Planning and Sustainability Issues

  • Work with all constituencies on campus to focus on succession planning at all levels: District management, College management, faculty leadership roles
  • Continue oversight of district operations

College Level Operations

  • Conduct Study Sessions to explore the following topics:
    • Redefine “program”/ rename “program review”
    • Address W deadline
    • Explore +/- grading option
    • Continue work on academic calendar 

NOTE: Suggestions for Senate Goals collected at the first Senate meeting on Aug 23, refined at our second Senate meeting on Sept 6. Goals were transcribed and organized by Vice-President Cari Lange. The entire list was approved at the third regularly-scheduled Senate meeting on Sept 20.

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