Contact Us

Erika Hurtado
Tutoring Specialist I- Bilingual
Tutoring Center
Office: LRC-162 (First Floor)
Phone: (805) 289-6185

David Branksy
Assistant Dean
Ventura College Testing Center
Office: 117 (First Floor)

Lynn Wright
Dean - English, Communications, Languages, and Learning Resources
Office: 115 (First Floor)
Phone: 805-289-6468

The Tutoring Center may also be contacted via email at: or by phone (805) 289-6026. 

Photo of the tutors

First Row (Top Left): Adam (ASL), Kyle (Math), Taka (Math), David (Math), Chris (Social Studies), Gerardo (English/ESL)
Second Row: Peter (English), Corey (EMT/Stats), Jaz (Math), Chelsea (Receptionist), Martine (Geography)
Third Row: Mellissa (Receptionist), Samantha (Receptionist), Laura (Receptionist),  Vanessa (Receptionist), Selina (Lab Tutor) Deanna ( English), Max (Math), Luz (ESL)
Forth Row: Viviana (Math), Victor (Math), Mia (Biology), Deanne (Math), Bobbi (English), Alejandra (Receptionist), Amanda (Math)
Fifth Row: Pedro (Math), James (Chemistry), Elizabeth (Assistant), Judith (Receptionist), Maria (Receptionist)

*All names are from left to right

The Tutoring Center also hires 30-40 tutors per semester along with student assistants to schedule appointments and answer questions.