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The Testing Center is an educational resource for faculty and students, helping to promote student success. The Testing Center provides a secure, comfortable and distraction free environment to take exams. The Testing Center is committed to upholding academic integrity and following set testing standards.

Faculty wishing to schedule an exam are asked to complete our request form available online. Exams, passwords, directions and guidelines must be sent directly to the proctor. These materials may be dropped off before testing hours in the locked drop box located inside of the Tutoring Center or via email to vctesting@vcccd.edu.

Forms for Faculty

Faculty Testing Center Guide

Testing Services  Request Form

Student Testing Center Guide


Faculty Guidelines for Testing Center

  • Faculty must complete the Testing Services Request Form to provide us with the details concerning your exam.  Please be sure to provide the student's name and student ID number on the form.
  • Deliver test and instructions to the Black Lock Box in LRC- 155 or email to proctor.  Faculty will be notified of any problems or conflicts with exam dates or times.  Please allow at least 24 hour notice.
  • PLEASE INFORM YOUR STUDENTS: Students must present a current photo identification to take tests in Testing Center. Acceptable forms of photo identification are: driver's license, student ASB card, state issued identification card, military identification card, and passport. If a student does not have a current photo ID, you may accompany the student for personal ID ( student must take the test at that time) or provide a note on the request form that you will not require identification.
  • Inform your student(s) in advance as to when your test will be available in the Testing Center, how much time you have allotted, and what aids (notes, calculators, etc.) they should bring with him or be allowed to use during the exam.
  • The Testing Center will adhere strictly to your written test instructions.  Please be asssured that we have all of the information necessary to provide your students with timely and efficient service.
  • If detailed testing instructions are necessary, provide a separate copy of the instructions for each student to read and follow.
  • We will not allow students to telephone you or anyone else during an exam unless you specify that it is acceptable on the form. Testing staff will make the telephone call for the student from the information you provide on the request form.
  • Please contact the EAC office if you have a student who needs test accommodations.
  • For more information, please see the Faculty Guide.