Pirates Cove


The Pirates Cove at Ventura College is designed to provide direct support and follow up services for students on or at-risk of academic probation or dismissal.  The facility also strives to improve student success metrics as identified in the Student Equity Plan and Basic Skills Initiatives.   


  1. Supervised/Distraction free study hall
  2. Referral services to Campus resources
  3. Regularly scheduled study skills sessions with faculty members
  4. Individualized time management and organizational suggestions from recent college graduates and veteran faculty members.
  5. Full Access to Internet and Microsoft Office
  6. Printing and scanning capabilities

Location: Campus Center Building

Phone: 805-289-6280

Email: VCPiratesCove@vcccd.edu


  • Mondays:           
    • 9am-11am for Math (Joey Ramirez)
    • 11am-12pm for Study Skills (Lester Neal)
    • 12pm-2pm for English (Liz Kraus)
  • Tuesdays:           
    • 9am-12pm for ELL, Reading and Writing (Gavrielle Blank)
    • 12pm -2pm for Math (Joey Ramirez)
    • 5pm- 8pm for Reading/English (Christine O’Neill)
  • Wednesdays:   
    • 9am–11am for Math (Joey Ramirez)
    • 11am-12pm for Study Skills (Lester Neal)
  • Thursdays:         
    • 9am-12pm for ELL, Reading and Writing (Gavrielle Blank)
    • 12pm- 2pm for Math (Joey Ramirez)
  • Fridays:            
    • 10am-12pm for Math (Joey Ramirez)


Faculty Volunteering Service Hours:

  • Mondays:
    • 9am-10am for Psychology (Niki Milani)
    • 12pm-1pm for English (Kelly Peinado)
  • Tuesday:
    • 10am-11:30am for Political Science (Kristoffer Ealy)
  • Thursday:
    • 10am-11:30am for Political Science (Kristoffer Eary)
    • 2pm-2:30pm for HED (Maureen Elliot)