History of the Library

About the Project

computer generated image of the new library as viewed from the front  computer generated image of new library as viewed from the side

In 1992, several interested staff got together to start planning for a new library. This group, under the leadership of Diane Moore and Larry Manson, consisted of Sandy Hajas, Trica Blaine, Diana Salberg, Ellie Austin, Rose Marie Castro, David Breslin and Octavio Sifuentes. After more meetings than any sane person could ever weather, the Library had turned into an immense Learning Resource Center. The chances of ever securing 25 million dollars from the state to construct this building were poor, but the group was determined. In 1998 the funding was allotted and construction began in 2002. The building was opened in January 2005. In November 2005, the Library was dedicated the Evelyn and Howard Boroughs Library.

computer generated image of new library as viewed from rear  computer generated image of new library as viewed from side

The four pictures are renditions of what the building will look like when completed.

Construction Photo Updates

Construction Site Photos (added October 29, 2002)

Construction Site Photos (added May 28, 2004)

Construction Site Photos (taken June 12, 2004)