Kinesiology and Athletics

Program Purpose: Intercollegiate athletic classes offer students an opportunity improve their physical well being, knowledge sport, and compete at the CCCAA level. These courses also prepare students for transfer to bachelor's degree programs in Kinesiology, Exercise Science, Physical Therapy, Athletic Training, Coaching and Fitness Management.

Program Description: Students may obtain an AS in Kinesiology and optimize preparation for advanced degrees in Kinesiology at four-year institutions. Typical employment opportunities in the field are in the areas of coaching, personal or group training, fitness instruction, fitness specialists, physical therapy assistants, recreation, as well as managerial positions in athletics and recreation centers.

Program student learning outcomes and mapping

The Kinesiology and Intercollegiate Athletic Department provide education and training in personal fitness, sports skill development, martial arts, self defense, and intercollegiate athletic competition.

The department is divided into two segments, one that focuses on the general student (emphasizing the importance of an active lifestyle in the maintenance of personal health and fitness) and one that focuses on the advanced competitive student (emphasizing sports skill development and the educational values gained through engagement in athletic competitions).

All Kinesiology and Athletic classes meet the requirement for an Associate Degree at Ventura College. In addition, Kinesiology attracts a significant student population seeking life-long learning and fitness development, and those seeking rehabilitation from injury or illness.

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